Pamper Paws Nose and Paw Balm

What are the benefits of Pamper Paws Nose and Paw Balm?
♡ Prevent damage caused by extreme temperatures and wet climates
♡ Sooth dry or cracked paws and noses

When should balm be applied?
♡At least once a day, plus before going for a walk to help provide a barrier for paw protection.

How does balm work?
♡Packed full of natural moisturisers to provide fast and effective moisturising to the paw and nose. The natural beeswax provides a barrier, helping to lock the moisture into the paw or nose, and protecting from environmental climate.

We use Nose and Paw Balm regularly in the salon whilst grooming to help soothe dry or cracked paws and noses, and also on dry skin patches.

Made in Mackay Queensland. We have specially formulated our Balm to ensure maximum moisturisation using all natural products.


Contains: Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil.

Pet product, for external use only.


5% of the sale of this product is donated to animals in need

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Pamper Paws Nose and Paw Balm


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