Progroom Rehydrating Conditioner 500ml

ProGroom's Rehydrating Conditioner for dogs is a popular aloe vera based conditioner that lightly moisturises promoting a healthy shiny coat improving manageability.


  • Moisturises and rehydrates without weighing down coats
  • Eliminates static electricity, creates manageability
  • Protects coats from environmental damage and grooming tools
  • Enhances shampoo performance
  • Suitable for all dog coat types



Use after ProGroom Shampoo. Depending on coat type and condition. For maximum conditioning value, use full strength or diluted up to 6:1 normal coats, can be diluted up to 15:1 for just a touch of conditioning and Hydrobaths. Apply a small amount and massage into coat. For extra conditioning value leave on 2-3 mins. Rinse well. 


Why Conditioner?
Harsh weather environments, air conditioning and heating can all remove moisture from your dogs' skin and coat. Replace the moisture lost from day to day activities by following with a luxious, rehydrating conditioner to help protect and strengthen your dogs coat.



Mineral Oil, petroleum distillates, propylene glycol or hazardous preservatives.

Progroom Rehydrating Conditioner 500ml