Puppy Grooming

Grooming is an essential part of a puppy's learning, and forming a routine from a young age will make grooming easier for both owner & dog as they get older.

Our puppy grooming package is suited for dogs under 5 months of age*, as an introduction to grooming.

The package is $50, regardless of their size or breed.

All of our dogs are hand washed in warm water, and using a natural, chemical free shampoo & conditoner.

  • Bath and dry

  • Nail Clip

  • Ear Clean

  • Brush and comb all over

  • Scissor tidy around face and paws

  • Clip around groin and bottom

* As per vet recommendations, it is best to wait 14 days after their last vaccination before visiting a grooming salon. For most dogs, their last vaccination is at around 12 weeks of age.

Puppies who are matted will be upgraded to a Full Groom - See our full grooming services for pricing.

Puppy Grooming 101

Here we outline the basics on maintaining your pups gorgeous coat at home.

Tools: Slicker brush, comb. Optional: detangling spray. (We sell everything you need in our salon!)

Every 2nd or 3rd day use the slicker brush to brush all over, making sure to pay special attention to ears, belly, armpit, inside of legs & toes. It is also important to remove collars, harnesses, clothing regularly & brush under these.

Once brushed from head to tail, follow through with the comb to ensure all knots & loose hair has been removed right down to the skin.

Detangling spray can be used on ears & tails to work out any knots.  This should be sprayed on in a light mist so the coat is only lightly dampened.

It is best to remove all knots before bathing, as knots will tighten when they dry. Knots & matts pull at the skin, and will cause discomfort, bruising, and allow moisture to build up near the skin. Over time, this can cause skin problems.

If you find any knots that you cannot remove at home, give our friendly groomers a call to arrange an appointment.